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  • Climate change could increase fishing fuel consumption

    We know that fuel use contributes to climate change, but in a vicious circle, climate change could also increase fuel use in fishing. This is due to fish shifting their distributions due to warming waters. With this increased use of fuel and the increasing price, small-scale and artisanal fishers will have a harder time sustaining livelihoods and feeding their families under climate change.

  • Skipjack or yellowfin? Stock status and ecosystem effects of tuna fisheries

    You’ve seen the headlines – tuna is in trouble. “Bleak outlook for sushi favourite as bluefin tuna levels drop 97 per cent,” writes the Telegraph. CBS News says: “Sushi eaters pushing Pacific bluefin tuna to brink of extinction”. Does this mean that you should be putting down those tuna sandwiches and spicy tuna rolls? Not necessarily.

  • Top ten ocean and fisheries stories of the year on the Nereus Program website

    The ten most popular stories on the Nereus Program website in 2016, including on El Ninos, fishing subsidies, Brexit, science fiction prototyping, the TPP, salps, jellyfish fisheries, vaquita and the South China Sea.

Nereus Report 2015: Predicting Future Oceans — Climate Change, Oceans & Fisheries

One of the key objectives of the Nereus Program is to conduct research that contributes to improvements in our understanding of the complex relationships between marine ecosystems, fisheries, ocean governance and global seafood sustainability. In June 2015, the Program released a research report summarizing the main contributions of the numerous projects undertaken by the members of the Nereus Program and its associated colleagues in cross-disciplinary analyses of the global ocean systems. Specifically, this year’s report will discuss global changes that are impacting the marine ecosystems’ seafood production capacity, emerging trends in ocean governance, and socioeconomic changes that are affecting our relationship with the sea.

Download the Predicting Future Oceans — Climate Change, Oceans & Fisheries report