• How do primary producers get their nutrients

    Charlie Stock

    Oceanography, Primary Production, Marine Ecosystem

  • What are Marine Protected Areas?

    Chris McOwen

    Marine Protected Area, Marine Ecosystem

  • What are mangroves and why are they important?

    Tom Spencer

    Biodiversity, Marine Ecosystem

  • What is primary production

    Charlie Stock

    Marine Ecosystem, Oceanography, Primary Production

  • How are food webs affected from the top and bottom?

    Kelly Kearney

    Trophic Dynamics, Marine Ecosystem

  • Why do we need high seas governance?

    Andrew Marrie

    Transboundary Resources, Ocean Governance

  • What is the Law of the Ocean?

    Alex Elferink

    Transboundary Resources, International Maritime Laws, Ocean Governance

  • What are keystone species?

    Audrey Valls

    Trophic Dynamics, Marine Ecosystem

  • Indicators

    Damon Stanwell-Smith

    Marine Ecosystem

  • Biodiversity

    Laurens Geffert

    Biodiversity, Marine Ecosystem