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  • Image: "Fishermen" by David Orgel, CC BY-NC 2.0
    Fish catch declines may cause micronutrient deficiencies in developing nations

    More than 10% of the global population could face nutrition deficiencies in the coming decades due to fish catch declines, says a new Nature commentary published today co-authored by Nereus Director of Science William Cheung.

  • Uncharted Waters: Strategic Environmental Assessment in the UK Offshore Area

    Richard Caddell, Nereus Fellow at Utrecht, has had his chapter “Uncharted Waters: Strategic Environmental Assessment in the UK Offshore Area” published in The Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive.

    This chapter is part of the first concerted survey of the EU legislation concerning strategic environmental assessment (SEA). SEA involves a series of environmental review processes to assess the projected impact of major developmental or infrastructure projects and allows decision-makers to consider the implications of pursuing such projects in a more coherent and integrated manner. Nevertheless, the legal requirements of SEA have been to date little explored, especially in a marine context.

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    The impending extinction of the vaquita is not just a fishing problem — it’s a social and ecological one too

    In our current eco-friendly world, where climate change makes front-page news and the killing of a lion launches thousands of Facebook posts, how can a porpoise be nearing extinction and most of the world not even know of its existence?

    The vaquita is going extinct at an alarming rate, from an estimated 600 individuals in 1996 to 60 in 2016, states a report presented to Mexico’s Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources earlier this month. It’s the world’s smallest marine mammal, with a maximum length of only 1.5 meters (4.9 feet). And with its dark eye patches and mouth that seems to curl up into a smile even after death, the vaquita is not missing out on the cute factor.

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Areas of Particular Interest in the North Atlantic Workshop

Nereus Senior Research Fellow Daniel Dunn (Duke) will attend a workshop on designing Areas of Particular Environmental Interest in the...
July 13 - July 15

ISC Plenary Meeting

Nereus Alumni and Research Associate at Duke University Andre Boustany will attend the International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like...
July 13 - July 18

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